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Essential Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting Cookbook for Women

Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting Tips with 650 Healthy, Quick & Easy, Low Carb Keto Diet Recipes, Fat Bombs, Snacks, Cookies, Bread, Cakes, Smoothies, Ice Creams, Treats & Desserts for Effective Weight Loss with Nutritional Facts

The keto diet works by inducing a state of ketosis which means dieters must account for every macronutrient they consume and follow a low carb, a high-fat eating plan that has nasty side effects such as bad breath and flu-like symptoms. Less than 5% of your daily calories come from carbs; 75% to 90% of your calories come from fat, and the remaining 5% to 20% of your caloric intake comes from protein. This mean that anyone on keto diet needs to consume more of healthy fat, moderate protein and less carbs

I shared my keto success story and also gave some women’s intermittent fasting tips for effective weight loss, some post-intermittent fasting keto recipes, some keto diet tips and then some healthy keto fat bombs to help you spice up your keto lifestyle and overcome excess food craving habits that make you derail from the recommended keto lifestyle. You will learn 650 new, quick and easy low carb ketogenic diet recipes altogether. There's various ketogenic recipe varieties like, low carb breakfasts, appetizers, snacks, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, seafood, soups, desserts, cakes, muffins, cookies, fat bombs, desserts, smoothies, bread, etc

One of the amazing things about the keto diet recipes in this cookbook is that their ingredients are available in any local grocery shop. So you don’t need to order anything online or going to any specialty store

In Essential Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting Cookbook for Women, you will learn:

  • Keto Diet Tips for Women
  • General Ketogenic Diet Tips
  • Intermittent Fasting Tips for Women: Popular Intermittent Fasting Methods and How to Master Them, How to Choose an Intermittent Fasting Method that Best Suits You, How to Eat on Fasting Days, 14 Days Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting
  • Healthy Intermittent Fasting Recipes
  • Post-Intermittent Fasting Ketogenic Recipes
  • Keto Fat Bombs Tips
  • Keto Fat Bombs and Desserts Recipes

Just make the right decision now and enjoy these 650 new, healthy, quick and easy low carb keto recipes and intermittent fasting tips to help you meet your ketogenic lifestyle target. You will get the kindle version for free once you purchase the paperback

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